Enjoy a drop of 'shine, refined

Few Things in Colorado are valued more than clean air, crisp rivers, and white snow. Blank and Booth Corn Whiskey encapsulates them all. Nano- Distilled in Denver,Colorado: Describing it as a small batch would be an overstatement. Not hiding behind the overpowering flavors of an oak barrel, Ripple stands on its own as an exceptional product in its simplest form.

  • 40% Alcohol Percentage
  • 750 mL Alcohol Volume
  • 90 Proof
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Instead of cheating on the final 20% ingredients with poor quality fermentables, we chose to make a high quality corn whiskey, no corners cut. A blend of Corn, Rye & Malted Barley adds depth and complexity. Each batch is handmade and hand-bottled with pride…Shine on!