Every Blank & Booth batch is fermented, distilled and bottled in our Denver, Colorado distillery. The whiskey market is crowded and we never set out to “win awards” or impress people, we simply wanted to make something we enjoy drinking. As everything is made grain-to-bottle in-house, it comes with the challenges of being small for awhile because no short-cuts are taken in the process. This involves a lot of trial and error, but ultimately ends in a pride of ownership that everything in each bottle is made 100% by the team.


We open ferment in 500 gallon cypress fermentors which allows our brews to gather wild yeast making every batch slightly unique. Then each batch is run through a 1,000 liter pot still with a glass 4-plate column, which allows the captured spirit to carry forward incredible amounts of flavor from the base grain profile, and maintain a unique smoothness that both whiskey connoisseurs and first-timers both appreciate.


Blank and Booth Distilling Co. was born when two engineers started discussing the simple process of distilling wash into ethanol.  Early experimentation proved that there was more to the creation of palatable and interesting spirits than simply boiling beer.  This realization set us on a path rooted in respect for thousands of years of alcohol innovation, and a passion for continuing this culture of innovation in our unique nano-distillery in Denver.

Without our faithful friends raising a glass with us, we would merely be a small team with an expensive hobby. Our fans have turned Blank and Booth into something special, and we have not forgot this.  Our mission is to provide patrons with enjoyment, excitement, and a creative outlet.  Blank and Booth’s products: Hot Mess Hatch Green Chile Flavored Whiskey, Benchcraft Oaked and Smoked Corn Whiskey, and booze. triple-distilled Vodka can be found in select liquor stores and restaurants, but the distillery tasting room is the only place to sample our unique small-batch products, listen to bluegrass, and shine on.

Everything at Blank & Booth starts with passion for handcrafting a brand that stands apart from everything else on the shelf. We are passionate about reaching both first-time entrants to the whiskey category and those that can appreciate a complex, premium cocktail. The concept started with the dream of manufacturing a product that the owners would be proud to serve friends at a backyard BBQ as an exquisite cocktail or stand alone “neat”.

Born in the craft beer and distillery-crazed state of Colorado, our business was first and foremost grown out of an excitement to make customers happy. We have always figured if we please our fans by providing a quality experience with quality products using quality ingredients, the rewards would always follow. Our commitment and vision is to please our consumers with the spirits they’ve come to love, while continually surprising them with new offerings that make unique, playful, and delicious spirits confections. We strive to complement the spirits selection at retailers and restaurants throughout our great state, and provide a unique and unprecedented experience at our boutique tasting room and distillery in South Denver.